A quick word regarding our world-class mix . . . Some customers that have not tried our mix before are sometimes concerned and have questions regarding the price we charge. The first mix is always included and each additional mix is billed at $20, as used.

First of all, what they are usually comparing our mix to are ready-to-use brands that can be cheaper by the bottle. These substitutes are available commercially at any retail or wholesale outlet. Hogwild Amusements' Mix is not a ready-to-use product. The Margarita flavor, our best seller, comes in a ½ gallon concentrate. It is a 4:1 ratio with water. This does not include any alcohol. with 1 liters tequila, another 1 liter of triple sec (optional) plus the water and mix, it’s yield is easily 44 8 oz. servings per ½ gallon bottle. The ready-to-use brands, without liquor, would call for 7-8 total bottles of the 1.75-liter size to yield this same amount of frozen drinks that 1 of our mixes would make. These grocery store brands usually would take $35-$56 per batch of brand X to equal 1 bottle of our mix. Remember, 1 or 2 (depending on the package selected) is included and each additional bottle is only $20. We’d have to charge $40 per bottle to be equal to what Brand X costs! Our growing number of rental customers and their friends that have attended their events and parties over the past 10 years think that our mix is the best tasting mix on the planet and wouldn’t go back to the store brands that they thought tasted good!

Mouse Over Flavors for Descriptions

Traditional Lime Margarita Rum
Strawberry Margarita Rum Vodka Champagne Smoothies Non-Alcoholic
Pina Colada Rum Vodka Kahlua Smoothies Non-Alchoholic
Lemon Margarita Rum Vodka Non-Alchoholic
Mango Margarita Rum Vodka Champagne Smoothies Non-Alchoholic
Peach Margarita Rum Vodka Champagne Smoothies
Fruit Punch Rum Vodka Champagne Non-Alchoholic
Cherry Rum Vodka Smoothies Non-Alchoholic
Pomegranate Rum Vodka
Passion Fruit Rum Vodka
Strawberry Banana Rum Vodka Smoothies Non-Alchoholic
Green Apple Vodka Non-Alchoholic
Watermelon Rum Vodka Non-Alchoholic
Grape Vodka Non-Alchoholic
Blue Raspberry Rum Vodka Non-Alchoholic
Orange Cream Vodka Smoothies Non-Alchoholic
Root Beer Vodka Non-Alchoholic
Mojito Rum